Almost there! Everyone hwaiting!

Hello everyone, so we are halfway through the quarter already and it’s a good time to update what we’ve done and what other events are happening as we are now in our last full month before summer!!


Officer applications for 2011-2012 are out!!! If you are interested in becoming an officer next year, please fill out an application and submit by May 15th!


So far almost all of our meetings this quarter has been the social, bonding type. Besides the usual updates, for our 2nd meeting we bonded with members playing ultimate frisbee in the quad afterwards. Our 3rd meeting, we had a movie night watching The People I’ve Slept With. 4th meeting, we finally got this year’s AAA shirts and passed it out to the members.


This week, our 5th meeting is going to be a short meeting where we will be having announcements of upcoming events and showing a trailer of the film being shown this thursday for Film Fest, Fool For Love. . Afterwards, we will all walk over to Chem 194 where the film will be shown.


AAA Film Festival starts this week May 4th wednesday-friday for two weeks until May 13th. For the list of films that will be shown or you just want more information about Film Fest, check out their website This event is FREE!!!

Bowling at MUGA: AAA is planning on doing a collaboration fundraiser with AAA Searchlight. The event will be from 7-9pm on May 19th (may be rescheduled). We will also update more information on this soon! I’ll be a nice way to just chill, have fun, hang out with people, and at the same time fundraise!!

End of the Year Banquet/Bash: we were planning on having this event Saturday, May 28th. Us officers are still planning this out so more details about this will be out later.

End of the Year BBQ: This is also TBA. We haven’t set a date yet. We will definitely update you all in the next week or two.

That’s all I have for now. Check back for more information or come to our meetings to get updates too! Hart 1150, Thursdays 7-8pm.

~Webmaster, Melody Yeung.

S.. SP.. SPRING!!! It’s here!

Oh my, it has been awhile since I last update. First of all, I apologize for disappearing for an entire quarter but it’ll be better this quarter, promise 🙂

So Spring quarter is here and lots of events are happening on campus practically every week(end). That means lots of stuff to look forward to!!

Our First Meeting is this thursday 7-8pm @Hart 1150

Yes, it is this thursday!! It’ll be a lighthearted meeting: introduction, membership and of course games which we will be doing outside. Oh for the ENTIRE QUARTER our meetings will be held at Hart 1150 from 7-8pm on Thursdays!

Upcoming events!!!

  • Asian Pacific Culture Week is happening starting April 18th at MU II. The first day is a food demonstration in the format of a workshop where API campus organizations come out to share how to make some delicious cultural dishes. Here’s the link for the entire week filled of events

Lots more events to come so please check back for updates and such!

Webmaster, Melody Yeung (^-^)

Thanks Giving!!!

Hey All, Thanksgiving break is almost here and it’s time to celebrate! But first, here’s the latest update on what AAA has been up to. I know this is kind of late but, thank you to those who volunteered for the I-House Indian Dinner. You guys/gals were a big help. Thanks again.

Past Meeting Topics

So our 6th general meeting topic was Ally Building. This meetings goal was to get the members to work together even if they don’t know each other. The members had to get into groups and build the tallest and sturdiest building using marshmallows and spaghetti noodles. In order to get the materials, they first had answer questions written on the cards; questions that help get to know more about the members.

Our 7th meeting topic was Bonding! First we got into groups and shared a little bit about ourselves. The bonding began when we answered questions that was drawn out of a bag, questions ranging from fun, light questions to more serious issues relating to Asian Americans. This was a chance for officers and other members to know a little bit more about each other. Good activity to do before our Thanksgiving Dinner that’s coming up.

Our 8th meeting is not an official one held by AAA officers, but was hosted by the Cross Cultural Center, presented by Jessica Li. They had a workshop today called Finals: Where My Food At? where we made some quick, snack food which can come in handy during finals when people have no time to prepare for a big meal.

Latest Meeting Topic

Next week there WILL NOT be a general meeting due to Thanksgiving Break!! Yay for those who are planning on going home early Wednesday.

Our Internship Opportunities

APIA Searchlight Directory: Applications are out and the deadline to apply is the end of this month, November. If you are interested, please check out this website or you can contact the co-editors Lily Chen or Winnie Siu.

Internship: Our internship coordinator, Nguyen Le, is also taking applicants where interns learn leadership skills and have opportunities to plan an event and shadow some of our AAA officers. If you are interested, please contact Nguyen Le at for application and more information.

Upcoming Events!!!

Tomorrow, Nov. 19th, there is the Myx Presents: Loaded concert held in Freeborn Hall. Many Youtube stars will be performing including Andrew Garcia, Erika David, JR Aquino, and many more! Tickets are presale $10 and $20 at the door, so hurry and buy your ticket tomorrow at the Freeborn ticket office!! Doors open at 6:30pm so get there early. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This Friday, AAA is having our Thanksgiving Potluck Dinners! The event is held at Primero Grove, next to Segundo from 7-9pm. Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish to share with everyone, but if you can’t, please bring $5. So come out, enjoy some food, and hang out with AAA. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Also this friday, “HSU (Hmong Student Union) will have a Culture Night from 6-9pm at 1100 Soc Sci Building. Go and get a feel for the Hmong culture and traditions and enjoy the show!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Asian Voices will have a FREE event at the Mondavi Center also on Friday from 6:30pm-8:30pm. It is taught by Alex Lu who is an amazing facilitator and will help you bring out your personal story for others to understand. This great workshop is first come, first serve seating so get there quick!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
White Elephant– this event will replace our general meeting the following Wednesday, Dec 1st, when we get back from Thanksgiving break. This is also going to be the last meeting for Fall quarter. Because we don’t want people spending a lot on presents, the gift should be around $5 more or less. It’s optional if you want to buy something more expensive. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

*Quoted April Hien, AAA Secretary, because I got a bit lazy on typing this super long post. By the way, sorry about that. Thank you for bearing with me and getting through all the information.

~Webmaster, Melody Yeung.

AAA’s mid quarter update

Hey hey, half of fall quarter has already gone by so i’ll do a little updating on what activities we have carried out since the last post.

Recap of Corn Maze Event

This past friday was our corn maze event in Dixon. We had a bit of trouble the few days before because of the weather not knowing if we should cancel or proceed with the event, but in the end worked out and AAA carried out with the bonding session with our members-to-be.

Last Week’s General Meeting

Last week’s meeting was a game of scavenger hunt in the midst of midterms. A fun way to keep us moving because we don’t want studying to keep us from being active, right? Because we have such smart members-to-be and we know studying is still important, we ended the meeting early.

Latest Meeting Topic

Our 5th meeting topic will be Arts and Crafts. We will be having an arts and crafts session with origami this week. Something simple for the mind after stressful weeks of midterms.

Our Internship Opportunities

APIA Searchlight Directory: Applications are out and the deadline to apply is November 5. If you are interested, please check out this website or you can come to our meeting for more information.

Hopefully there will be updates on another internship opportunity from our internship coordinator, Nguyen Le at our Wednesday meeting.

Upcoming Events!!!

CSA/AAA Halloween Dance Party is this FRIDAY from 8pm-12am @ Arc Ballroom

The cost is $8 and you can contact any of us AAA officers for tickets.

Volunteer at International House -we need as many as possible for cooking, serving, and cleaning

The event is on Saturday, November 6 from 10am-10pm. For more information, please contact Kimberly Law at or come to our meetings. We will have sign ups  if you are interested.

This event will also count towards membership requirement so please come and help out with us!

If you guys were still wondering when our meetings are held, we are at Olson 118 every wednesday from 7-8pm so please come and stop by.

Webmaster, Melody Yeung.

What has AAA been up to?

Past Meeting Topics

During AAA’s first general meeting, we had an introduction of what AAA is all about, an introduction of all the new officers for this year, and an icebreaker. After the meeting there was a social event at Yoloberry’s.

AAA’s 2nd meeting topic, aimed mostly for freshmen and transfer students, was Entering College and Resources. We had presenters from other organizations who wanted to do mini shout outs about the involvement in the community: Mai Her from Southeast Asian Furthering Education (SAFE), and Molly McDermott from Teach for America.

Latest Meeting Topic

AAA’s 3rd meeting topic will be Social Music. We will be holding an interactive game of Music Jeopardy. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team! There will be guest speakers from APIA Searchlight, Cross Cultural Center and Asian American Studies, and a graduate student from Alliant International University. Also there will be announcements of upcoming events (listed below)

Events Events Events!!!

Corn Maze in Dixon

When: Friday, October 22

Where to meet: MU tennis courts @6:00pm

Time: 6:00-9:00pm

Cost: $10

*Drivers needed. Benefit would be a paid ticket.

Volunteer at International house–  we need as many as possible for cooking, serving, and cleaning

When: Saturday, November 6

*See Kimberly for more information.

** This would count towards membership requirements

Chinese Student Association Dance (CSA)

When: Friday, October 29

Where: Arc Ballroom

Time: 7:00-11:00pm

Cost: $8

*Volunteers needed

Iu-Mienh Student Association (IMSA) Free Thai Tea Night!

Come join IMSA Monday night, October 18 at Wellman 2 from 7-9pm for FREE THAI TEA .  You can add boba too 🙂  IMSA will also be holding a raffle throughout the night.  Don’t miss your chance to wins some super cool prizes.  Hope to see you all there!!!

Webmaster, Melody Yeung.

3rd Annual Southeast Asian Graduation! Apply now if you’re a graduating senior!

****Download a copy of the application here >>>>>>>>>>>> SEA Grad Apps 2010

****Download a copy of the application here >>>>>>>>>>>> SEA Grad Apps 2010

****Download a copy of the application here >>>>>>>>>>>> SEA Grad Apps 2010

The 3rd annual Southeast Asian Graduation returns to UC Davis on Friday, June 11, 2010 from 6:00-9:00PM in Freeborn Hall. This special event focuses on recognizing the students of, not limited to, Southeast Asian graduating seniors for their achievements. This means that you don’t necessarily have to identify as Southeast Asian (Vietnamese, Thai, Khmer, Hmong, Iu Mien, Laotian, Indonesian etc) to participate – in fact, as long as you want to be a part of this experience, you are more than welcome.

SEA Grad started 3 years ago with the collective efforts of the Southeast Asian student community at Davis. They wanted a special intimate ceremony that acknowledge this particular ethnic community. UC Berkeley had their own tradition, but Davis lacked one. Months of planning, fundraising, and spreading awareness resulted in a successful turnout!

If you are a graduating senior, I highly encourage you to participate in this event. Benefits are that you can

  • invite a lot of family members to attend at no cost (yes, while UCD commencement may limit your tickets, SEA Grad does not!)
  • Get a few minutes to express gratitude to those who supported you (even in your own family language!)
  • Graduate with peers from diverse communities and colleges
  • The entire event is of no cost to you, because the dedicated coordinators and committee plan the event!

For more information read the following message below from this year’s Sea Grad coordinators who happen to be member of AAA and Film Fest =].

Don’t forget to ****Download a copy of the application here >>>>>>>>>>>> SEA Grad Apps 2010

Submit your application via email to and a physical copy to 16 South Hall (Student Recruitment and Retention Center)


On behalf of the Southeast Asian Graduation Coordinators, I would like to present to you a special invitation as an expected graduate, class of 2010, who both may or may not identify as Southeast Asian, The University of California, Davis 3rd Annual Southeast Asian Graduation Commencement Ceremony.

The Southeast Asian (SEA) Graduation is a celebration of the achievements of graduating SEA and/or refugee experience students through an intimate, cultural, and inclusive ceremony in hopes of leading the SEA community beyond the university.*

The Southeast Asian Graduation will be taking place on Friday, June 11, 2010 from 6:00-9:00PM in Freeborn Hall. This is a completely free event that aims to acknowledge both you and your family’s experiences. If you are interested in participating in this once in a life time event, please see the attached application. Applications to participate in SEA Grad can be turned in at in 16 South Hall (aka the Student Recruitment and Retention Center located in the basement of South Hall) and also email a e-copy to

SEA Grad is open to all UCD class of 2010 graduates! Undergrad? Graduate? Law graduate? It doesn’t matter–please join us! If you are not graduating this year but still want to be involved in SEA Grad feel free to join the planning committee! Have any workshop ideas for our graduates of 2010 to aid in their transformation after graduation? Please feel free to offer your skills and talents to facilitate workshops!

The SEA Graduation Planning committee is putting together multiple social events and workshops to both allow the expected graduates to get to know one another and help them in their transition to life after their Undergraduate years at UCD. The socials and workshops are as follows:

  • Yogurt Shack Fundraiser 5/6 from 4-9PM
  • Fundraising Carwash on 5/16 @Savemart
  • SEAnior Fundraising BBQ
  • SEAnior Field Day @ the park
  • Resume workshop
  • Career workshop
  • and many MORE!

For the dates and times of our events to stay updated with SEA Grad and SEA Grad’s events please follow us on Tumblr or on Facebook. If you have any questions regarding this special commencement ceremony, please feel free to contact the coordinators, Nancy LĂȘ and Daphne Kim Nguyen at

* Subject to change.


Nancy Le and Daphne Kim Nguyen

Southeast Asian Graduation Coordinators 2010

Makes me say Oh My Gosh!

On May 20th, I attended the Asian American Studies 21st Annual Senior Award Banquet. As you can see from the image above, our organization, Asian American Association, received the Outstanding Organization Award! This award also has a monetary award of $200, a grant from the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs – Collegiate Council Chapter (APAPA-CCC).

I did not expect for us to win, because we are truly humble to be working in this student club at UC Davis. I want to thank all of the officers (Anita Mei, Lourenz Balayan, Kimberly Law, Nguyen Le, Tiffany Young, Tommy Lam and Cherie Buenaflor), the co-directors of AAA Film Festival (Jessica Li and Men Chun Wong), and the co-editors of the APIA SearchLight Directory (Jackie Ho and Kerri Lo) for sacrificing their time and energy to the AAA family. A huge shout out and thank you goes out to the members, the interns at AAAFF and APIADS, and all of our friends of AAA. Without you, we wouldn’t have the motivation to put on events, plan general meetings, or invest in you. On behalf of AAA, we are forever grateful for this award.

Just to give everyone a glimpse into how AAA worked this year:

The cabinet (made up of officers, co-directors and co-editors) meet one hour each week to share information and plan the events/meetings. Then we host our general meeting at a moderate sized lecture room on campus at night time. Each week, officers plan a meeting agenda based on a topic such as API media issues and they execute it at general meeting. They do the research, buy food supplies if necessary and create Power Point slide shows. While they carry out their officer duties, these exceptional folks are students who go to school and/or work part time.

Our internships, AAAFF and APIASD work a little differently. The co-directors and co-editors respectively oversee their interns who meet once a week to share information. The interns are part of committees that help the overall project, whether it’s acquiring movies to screen at the annual film festival or discussing graphics and publication for the resourceful directory magazine. These interns receive transcript notations and/or ASA units for their involvement. Also, the co-directors, co-editors and interns are also students.

While Film Festival works meticulously on hosting their annual film festival and SearchLight Directory gather information for their magazine publication, the officers dedicate their time to bringing people to events to learn more about our unique organization and to get involved in our activities. Nonetheless, we ALL work year round with very few breaks in between meetings and planning.

We set out in the beginning of the year with goals and ideals in mind. One of the goal is to bring AAA to the next level, and I believe we accomplished that. However, there’s still a lot of work ahead of us. AAA continues to grow and wishes to create and maintain an open space for anyone to join, learn and grow.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you UC Davis, thank you ASA department, APAPA-CCC, and thank you to the friends that stopped by our meeting rooms for that one hour on Thursdays, 7 – 8 PM.