Makes me say Oh My Gosh!

On May 20th, I attended the Asian American Studies 21st Annual Senior Award Banquet. As you can see from the image above, our organization, Asian American Association, received the Outstanding Organization Award! This award also has a monetary award of $200, a grant from the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs – Collegiate Council Chapter (APAPA-CCC).

I did not expect for us to win, because we are truly humble to be working in this student club at UC Davis. I want to thank all of the officers (Anita Mei, Lourenz Balayan, Kimberly Law, Nguyen Le, Tiffany Young, Tommy Lam and Cherie Buenaflor), the co-directors of AAA Film Festival (Jessica Li and Men Chun Wong), and the co-editors of the APIA SearchLight Directory (Jackie Ho and Kerri Lo) for sacrificing their time and energy to the AAA family. A huge shout out and thank you goes out to the members, the interns at AAAFF and APIADS, and all of our friends of AAA. Without you, we wouldn’t have the motivation to put on events, plan general meetings, or invest in you. On behalf of AAA, we are forever grateful for this award.

Just to give everyone a glimpse into how AAA worked this year:

The cabinet (made up of officers, co-directors and co-editors) meet one hour each week to share information and plan the events/meetings. Then we host our general meeting at a moderate sized lecture room on campus at night time. Each week, officers plan a meeting agenda based on a topic such as API media issues and they execute it at general meeting. They do the research, buy food supplies if necessary and create Power Point slide shows. While they carry out their officer duties, these exceptional folks are students who go to school and/or work part time.

Our internships, AAAFF and APIASD work a little differently. The co-directors and co-editors respectively oversee their interns who meet once a week to share information. The interns are part of committees that help the overall project, whether it’s acquiring movies to screen at the annual film festival or discussing graphics and publication for the resourceful directory magazine. These interns receive transcript notations and/or ASA units for their involvement. Also, the co-directors, co-editors and interns are also students.

While Film Festival works meticulously on hosting their annual film festival and SearchLight Directory gather information for their magazine publication, the officers dedicate their time to bringing people to events to learn more about our unique organization and to get involved in our activities. Nonetheless, we ALL work year round with very few breaks in between meetings and planning.

We set out in the beginning of the year with goals and ideals in mind. One of the goal is to bring AAA to the next level, and I believe we accomplished that. However, there’s still a lot of work ahead of us. AAA continues to grow and wishes to create and maintain an open space for anyone to join, learn and grow.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you UC Davis, thank you ASA department, APAPA-CCC, and thank you to the friends that stopped by our meeting rooms for that one hour on Thursdays, 7 – 8 PM.


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