AAA’s mid quarter update

Hey hey, half of fall quarter has already gone by so i’ll do a little updating on what activities we have carried out since the last post.

Recap of Corn Maze Event

This past friday was our corn maze event in Dixon. We had a bit of trouble the few days before because of the weather not knowing if we should cancel or proceed with the event, but in the end worked out and AAA carried out with the bonding session with our members-to-be.

Last Week’s General Meeting

Last week’s meeting was a game of scavenger hunt in the midst of midterms. A fun way to keep us moving because we don’t want studying to keep us from being active, right? Because we have such smart members-to-be and we know studying is still important, we ended the meeting early.

Latest Meeting Topic

Our 5th meeting topic will be Arts and Crafts. We will be having an arts and crafts session with origami this week. Something simple for the mind after stressful weeks of midterms.

Our Internship Opportunities

APIA Searchlight Directory: Applications are out and the deadline to apply is November 5. If you are interested, please check out this website or you can come to our meeting for more information.

Hopefully there will be updates on another internship opportunity from our internship coordinator, Nguyen Le at our Wednesday meeting.

Upcoming Events!!!

CSA/AAA Halloween Dance Party is this FRIDAY from 8pm-12am @ Arc Ballroom

The cost is $8 and you can contact any of us AAA officers for tickets.

Volunteer at International House -we need as many as possible for cooking, serving, and cleaning

The event is on Saturday, November 6 from 10am-10pm. For more information, please contact Kimberly Law at or come to our meetings. We will have sign ups  if you are interested.

This event will also count towards membership requirement so please come and help out with us!

If you guys were still wondering when our meetings are held, we are at Olson 118 every wednesday from 7-8pm so please come and stop by.

Webmaster, Melody Yeung.


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