AAA Constitution

Asian American Association’s
Constitution / Charter

Article I: Organization Name and Purpose

i)          The Asian American Association (AAA) serves to unify the Asian American and Pacific Islander community by promoting cultural and self awareness through an arena of political and social events.

Article II: Membership eligibility and selection

i)          Members can join AAA regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.

ii)          To attain full membership, they must attend minimal of 6 meetings and/or events combination.

Article III: Officers

Section I. Officer Duties and Description

1) President:

a) Expected to make executive decisions from balancing the interests of the club along with the cabinet officers.

b) Provide a secure space for cabinet officers wanting to address specific issues within AAA( i.e. regarding other officers, meetings, events,  personal issues, etc)

c) Be the main contact/ representative of AAA and the main person to sign the SPAC paperwork – registering and renewing student club application each year, reserve the rooms for each quarter, organize the cabinet meeting agenda with the VP

d) Maintain relationship with Searchlight and Film Festival.

e) Network with API and non-API student groups on campus to connect the groups for future collaborations.

f) Plan and organize quarterly retreats along with VP.

g) Be a positive role model.

h) Invigorate morale and motivation among other cabinet officers.

2) Vice President:

a) Provide agenda each cabinet meeting of what we plan to discuss

b) Expected to make executive decisions regarding where AAA is going along with the President ( plan retreats, conferences, events)

c) Maintain relationship with Searchlight and Film Festival.

d) Provide a secure space for cabinet officers wanting to address specific issues within AAA (i.e. regarding other officers, meetings, events, personal issues, etc.)

e) After the president, be the secondary contact and representative of AAA.

f) Invigorate morale and motivation among other cabinet officers.

3) Treasurer/Fundraising Chair:

a) Provide a bi weekly update on AAA’s account balance(  first and last of each month)

b) Be responsible for our SPAC account. Keep detailed and organized accounts of all transactions concerning AAA funds.

c) Have a detailed record of context that may be useful for future fundraising events.

d) Encourage AAA members to volunteer.

e) Serve as a treasury liaison between AAA, AAA Film Festival, and Asian Pacific Islander American Searchlight (APIAS).

f) Execute at least one fundraising projects/events per quarter.

4) Secretary:

a) Maintain lines of communication between cabinet members and general members.

b) Maintain detailed minutes of cabinet meetings by using a standardized format/template

c) Maintain relevant documentation for all events, general meetings, deadlines, and forms.

d) Keep track of membership requirements, noting attendance at all meetings and events.

e) Email weekly meeting & event reminders to members.

f) Trim and maintain AAA list-serve

5) Events/Community Chairs(3)

a) Plan and coordinate AAA’s annual events: AAPI Community Fall Welcome, Thanksgiving Dinner, Lunar New Year/ Holiday Celebration, Snow Trip, Semi-Formal

b) Create, plan, and implement social and political events throughout the school year.

c) Plan smaller community service events, about 1-2 per quarter.

d) Research non-profit organizations, charities, and on campus organizations to collaborate with for community service projects.

e) Support and split workload amongst Events Co-Chairs.

6) Public Relations Chair/Webmaster

a) Be the main source of publicity. Work with the Secretary and Events Chairs to publicize AAA events and meetings through flyering, facebooking, announcements, etc.

b) Develop extended relations with the general community, API community, and on campus clubs/organizations.

c) Bring back information about social issues and related events from other clubs’/orgs’ list-serves or meetings.

d) Maintain all social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, and AAA WordPress Blog).

Section II: General Officer Duties

i) Recruit and retain new and old members by promoting AAA for its purpose and events

ii) Accountability

iii) Punctuality

iv) Perform assigned duties, but still help other officers.

Section III: Selection of Cabinet Officers

i) Selection of cabinet officers will be by an organized and professional interview of candidate by present cabinet officers.

ii) Selection of Cabinet Officers for the following year will begin every spring quarter at an announced date.

Section IV: Leave of Absence

i) If an officer is not able perform their assigned duties for the next quarter or the current quarter then they may take a leave of absence.

ii) Notify the president prior to leaving.

iii) Re-admittance must be reviewed by the whole cabinet.

Section V: Penalties

1) Cabinet Meetings

a) There is a ten minute grace period allowed only for cabinet members with justifiable excuses

b) $1 for tardiness if over ten minutes and $2 for unexcused absences.

2) General Meetings

a) Cabinet officers and at least one meeting presenter must be at the meeting room at least 15 minutes before meeting begins.

b) There is a ten minute grace period allowed with justifiable excuses.

c) $1 for tardiness and $2 for unexcused absences.

3) Large events that require volunteering and staffing (i.e. concerts, etc)

a) If you’re late for your shift, then $1 penalty

b) If a shift is missed then there’s $2 penalty and must change shift schedule

c) It’s excused if asked for permission to change shifts 2 days in advance.

4) Socials

a) It’s highly encouraged that all cabinet members attend.

5) Justifiable Excuses

a) Family, medical, and personal emergencies.

b) Classes immediately before a meeting.

Section IV: Grounds for Expulsion

i) A cabinet officer can be expelled from cabinet under recommendation by any cabinet officer with a justifiable argument or doubt. Discussion/rebuttal shall ensue.

ii) Then it will be subjected to vote with either a 2/3 or unanimous decision (100%) for the following reasons: gross tardiness to cabinet meetings, repeated absences from general meetings and cabinet meetings, but most importantly for a failure to go through with their assigned duties.

Article IV: Meetings

Section I: Cabinet Meetings

1) Cabinet meetings will run for an hour, but if additional time is needed then more time will be allotted. President will announce the official end of the cabinet meeting.

2) Cabinet meetings will be held at a set date each week at a central location. The arrangement of the date will depend on each officer’s schedule.

3) For each cabinet meeting, President and Vice President will send out a prior email containing an agenda.

4) Cabinet Officers will respect each other and each others’ opinions. They will show that respect by taking turns saying their thoughts and concerns.

5) In general, attendance is mandatory. Tardiness and absences will be penalized (see guidelines “Penalties”).

6) All cabinet officers must contribute a specific amount of money for the money pot that will be used for accountability.

7) Cabinet meetings will be conducted in an organized and efficient manner, first discuss proposed agenda and move on to new business.

Section II: General Meetings

1) General meetings (for AAA members) will end at an hour or earlier. Person of charge of meetings will announce the official end of the general meeting.

2) General meetings will always be planned out before the start of the meeting

3) (Structure of meeting, Order of announcements, when and which ice breakers will be implemented, who will get refreshments).

4) At the first meeting of each quarter, no other announcements from other organizations will be allowed, unless they are two minutes or shorter in length. The first meeting of each quarter is meant to introduce new members and welcome back old members to AAA.

5) Announcements will be decided by the person(s) of charge of that specific general meeting.

Section III:  Quarterly Retreats

1) A retreat for AAA’s cabinet officers will happen once a quarter before/at the beginning to address upcoming events, general meeting times for the next quarter, cabinet relations, and constructive criticism towards fellow officers.

2) Location will depend on all the cabinet members.

3) Will always be pre-planned by the cabinet as a whole with a set agenda, with an exception for the Fall Quarter Retreat that is handled by the new cabinet in a pre-retreat.

4) At the start of each quarterly retreat, cabinet as a whole will announce their expectations and goals for AAA.

5) Meeting topics and presenters will be decided during retreats to pre-plan for future meetings.

6) Any other concerns will be discussed at the retreats.

Section IV: Events/Publicity

1) Extensive flyering will be reserved for major events such as the first general meeting of the school year.

2) Event costs shall not be made with the intention to make profit. All events will be set at an affordable price for all students and any revenues made from an event shall go towards future AAA events.

3) Some of AAA events are encourage to be done in collaboration with other API and non-API organizations on campus.

Section V: Ties/Collaboration

1) Establish strong ties to ASA department by a strong presence at annual AAPI Community Fall Welcome.

2) Establish strong ties to the API and non-API student community

  1. a. Collaborate with other API and non-API student organizations.
  2. b. Promote/inform UCD student community about our internship opportunities (i.e. Searchlight and Film Festival)

Section VI: Cabinet Relations

1) Cabinet Officers shall endeavor to treat each other with respect and compassion. This means hearing their proposals without shooting them down, taking turns speaking, and generally treating each other with kindness.

2) All cabinet members shall support each other’s duties.

Article V: Right to Assess Dues

Asian American Association is a student organization that does not levy dues upon its members. However, some social events may ask a monetary contribution from general members and cabinet officers to cover the cost of food, lodging, transportation, etc.

Article VI: Amendment Notice

1) A cabinet officer at either a quarterly retreat or a cabinet meeting can propose amendments.

2) At least a 2/3 majority is required to approve or deny proposals.


The latest edition of AAA’s Constitution is also available for download:

AAA Constitution

Last Updated: January 9th, 2010


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