The Asian American Association is a non-profit organization supported by the Asian American Studies department at the University of California, Davis. Through cultural events, discussions, community service, and social gatherings, AAA brings to the forefront the different issues facing Asian Americans today. The club offers social support to its members and exposes them to the diversity within the Asian Pacific Islander community.

Q: What is AAA?

A: Asian American Association is a student organization on UCD campus that promotes cultural and self awareness through political and social events. We offer an open space for anyone to join to discuss and learn about issues in Asian Pacific Islander American communities.

Q: What else does AAA have beside the club?

A: Asian American Association offers two internships

  • Asian American Association Film Festival (AAAFF)
  • Promotes films made by and about Asians and Asian Americans with a two-week film festival in May. We have publicists, fundraisers, designers, and people who contact film makers. Contact aaaffdirectors@ucdavis.edu for more information.
  • Asian Pacific Islander Searchlight Directory (or Searchlight for short).
  • A directory comprised of API resources and classes on campus, as well as Asian owned businesses in Davis. The internship starts Spring quarter and needs designers, fundraisers, and publicists. Contact Kerri Loh (kloh@ucdavis.edu) or Jackie Ho (samho@ucdavis.edu) for more information.

Q: When are your meetings?

A: For this Fall Quarter, our meetings are on Wednesdays, 7 pm – 8 pm at Olson 118.

Q: Do I have to be Asian to join?

A: AAA is open to all students; we are very inclusive. We provide the open space for possibilities.

Q: What is Film Festival?

A: Film Festival is a year long internship that organizes a free two weeks film screening in May. They provide a wide variety of feature length films, shorts and student films from Asian Pacific Islander filmmakers. Did I mention it’s free too?

Q: What is SearchLight?

A: SearchLight is an internship that puts a magazine directory together for students at UC Davis. The magazine acts as a resource for students with interests in Asian Pacific Islander American communities, cultures and businesses.

Q: I don’t know anything about Asian Americans, but can I still join?

A: Yes, we are here to provide you an out-of-the-class experience. While Asian American Studies class provides you theories and background in this community, AAA offers an open space for students to discuss and learn about issues and socialize.

Q: I can’t make it to your meetings, how do I stay in touch with your club?

A: We have different websites that will allow update you on all of our activities and events.

Our blog: davisaaa.wordpress.com

Twitter: twitter.com/davisaaa

Facebook: facebook.com/davisaaa

email: ucdaaa@gmail.com

Q: Does your club charge a fee? If so, how much?

A: No, we do not charge membership fees. However, we do have membership requirements. We require members to attend 3 weekly meetings and 2 events to become a full member.

Q: How do I benefit from AAA if I join?

A: AAA provides an open space for you to learn about Asian Pacific Islander American issues and communities. We are friendly and we put on social events each quarter. Members will receive discounts on our big events and receive news on upcoming major events that AAA hosts. Overall, we’re here to give you an experience you won’t forget.


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