Almost there! Everyone hwaiting!

Hello everyone, so we are halfway through the quarter already and it’s a good time to update what we’ve done and what other events are happening as we are now in our last full month before summer!!


Officer applications for 2011-2012 are out!!! If you are interested in becoming an officer next year, please fill out an application and submit by May 15th!


So far almost all of our meetings this quarter has been the social, bonding type. Besides the usual updates, for our 2nd meeting we bonded with members playing ultimate frisbee in the quad afterwards. Our 3rd meeting, we had a movie night watching The People I’ve Slept With. 4th meeting, we finally got this year’s AAA shirts and passed it out to the members.


This week, our 5th meeting is going to be a short meeting where we will be having announcements of upcoming events and showing a trailer of the film being shown this thursday for Film Fest, Fool For Love. . Afterwards, we will all walk over to Chem 194 where the film will be shown.


AAA Film Festival starts this week May 4th wednesday-friday for two weeks until May 13th. For the list of films that will be shown or you just want more information about Film Fest, check out their website This event is FREE!!!

Bowling at MUGA: AAA is planning on doing a collaboration fundraiser with AAA Searchlight. The event will be from 7-9pm on May 19th (may be rescheduled). We will also update more information on this soon! I’ll be a nice way to just chill, have fun, hang out with people, and at the same time fundraise!!

End of the Year Banquet/Bash: we were planning on having this event Saturday, May 28th. Us officers are still planning this out so more details about this will be out later.

End of the Year BBQ: This is also TBA. We haven’t set a date yet. We will definitely update you all in the next week or two.

That’s all I have for now. Check back for more information or come to our meetings to get updates too! Hart 1150, Thursdays 7-8pm.

~Webmaster, Melody Yeung.


What has AAA been up to?

Past Meeting Topics

During AAA’s first general meeting, we had an introduction of what AAA is all about, an introduction of all the new officers for this year, and an icebreaker. After the meeting there was a social event at Yoloberry’s.

AAA’s 2nd meeting topic, aimed mostly for freshmen and transfer students, was Entering College and Resources. We had presenters from other organizations who wanted to do mini shout outs about the involvement in the community: Mai Her from Southeast Asian Furthering Education (SAFE), and Molly McDermott from Teach for America.

Latest Meeting Topic

AAA’s 3rd meeting topic will be Social Music. We will be holding an interactive game of Music Jeopardy. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team! There will be guest speakers from APIA Searchlight, Cross Cultural Center and Asian American Studies, and a graduate student from Alliant International University. Also there will be announcements of upcoming events (listed below)

Events Events Events!!!

Corn Maze in Dixon

When: Friday, October 22

Where to meet: MU tennis courts @6:00pm

Time: 6:00-9:00pm

Cost: $10

*Drivers needed. Benefit would be a paid ticket.

Volunteer at International house–  we need as many as possible for cooking, serving, and cleaning

When: Saturday, November 6

*See Kimberly for more information.

** This would count towards membership requirements

Chinese Student Association Dance (CSA)

When: Friday, October 29

Where: Arc Ballroom

Time: 7:00-11:00pm

Cost: $8

*Volunteers needed

Iu-Mienh Student Association (IMSA) Free Thai Tea Night!

Come join IMSA Monday night, October 18 at Wellman 2 from 7-9pm for FREE THAI TEA .  You can add boba too 🙂  IMSA will also be holding a raffle throughout the night.  Don’t miss your chance to wins some super cool prizes.  Hope to see you all there!!!

Webmaster, Melody Yeung.