AAA Film Festival (AAAFF)

The UC Davis Asian American Association seeks to counteract the mainstream media’s stereotypical and jilted portrayals of Asia, Asians, and Asian-Americans by showcasing films made by Asian-Americans and films from Asia. These films will tell stories too often ignored and untold as well as fight the one-dimensional portrayals of Asians in the mainstream media. Thus this film festival was started in order to promote authentic and alternative cultural productions. We want to show a different side of the Asian American experience and lend a more dimensional and a more human scope to our experiences.

APIA Searchlight Directory (APIASD)

The APIA Searchlight has been created as a resource for students interested in enhancing their knowledge and involvement in the Asian American community here at the University of California, Davis. This guide serves as a valuable resource to gaining information about academia and history within the Asian American Studies program. In addition, students will become familiarized with the many leadership and community oriented organizations and events on campus. As you will see, there are many opportunities here at UCD, and we hope that you will use the Searchlight as a way of exploring such opportunities.


One response to “Resources

  1. Hi, I’m an alumna of UCD, and I am
    Anna Ko

    Accepting applications, deadline is March 5

    The Nikkei Community Internship Program is a statewide program, which offers college students an opportunity to obtain experience supporting the work of various community organizations while increasing their understanding of contemporary issues affecting Japanese Americans. Coordinated by the Japanese Community Youth Council (JCYC) in Northern California and the Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) in Southern California, the goal of the program is to support the development of the next generation of community leaders.

    For more information:

    Or contact:
    Erika Tamura
    Phone: 415.563.8052 x202


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